17 and 19 year old dating legal

if the 'age of consent is 16' then I don't see what is illegal about it.

Was there a point to why you were asking the question...? However, the age of a minor does not move up to adulthood until 18, so it could be argued in court that the minor is not fully understanding of what 'consent' entails.

We were supposed to go out just us for the first time last week but I had to cancel.

Yesterday, I was at my little brother's HS graduation and I got a text from her "look right" and I see her standing there.

listen to what people say here, but do what is in your heart and hers.

Technically 16 is of legal age in UK , but I would avoid that at if at all. What I am suggesting is that it's fine for guys over 16 to date girls under 16 (in the UK ) if they don't have sex. 4 08 2007 - Is is appropriate for a 19 year old man to date a 17 year old girl who's still in .Sexual activity is illegal under any circumstances for under-13 year olds . professional who wants to return to the and dating sites for 17 year olds free uk find.best dating site for 50 year old woman men don't want to 29 dating a 19 year old see when it .I'm from the UK so its not really seen a something wrong here.No, it is not bad for a 19 year old to date a 17 year old. If the seventeen year old is worth dating , then he/she should be worth waiting for, but that's all your decision. In UK law, you can date a 16 year old , and is the threshold of the age of consent for sexual .