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More important, the potential longterm gains—students who are well-rested and better performing—far outweigh the short-term logistical headaches.

Even school athletics stand to benefit, given that sleep deprivation drags down peak physical performance.

That’s unusually late compared to other schools but is in keeping with the best practices now recommended by public health experts.

Teens require more sleep than adults and are hardwired to want to sleep in.

Instead, the researchers found even two nights of recovery sleep do not undo some of the many cognitive impairments caused by just one week of partial sleep deprivation.

Storm clouds gather as Scott and the pack head into their final months of high school.

Eight hours a night may be the goal for adults, but teens need between 8.5–9.5 hours, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics.

They’re also more likely to be overweight, suffer from depression, drink alcohol and use drugs, and get in more car accidents.When combined with too-early start times, the result is sleep deprivation.While body clocks may be hardwired, school start times are not.Even though the final adventures of the pack ended with a bang, the show left a tiny opening that suggested a continuation of a new story might be on the horizon.The series may share the same title as the ’80s starring Michael J. The series is cut from the same cloth as , but has supernatural MTV panache appropriate for the millennial generation.