Adding or consolidating call centers

They wanted to know how much money they would save.

I was very surprised to find that this organization did not need to route calls amongst many of its centers, even though each center handled the very same types of calls as the next.

To stop this free-for-all the company adopted Microsoft Lync.

adding or consolidating call centers-70adding or consolidating call centers-60

With an environment spanning multiple sites and at least three different contact center technologies, adding extra seats or capabilities was a chore.

With predictable randomness of contact inter-arrivals as the number of agents increase the number of calls each agent can handle also increases. As the call volumes increase, the minimum number of staff required to hit a predetermined service standard also increases, and linearly so.

The following graph was created using a discrete-event simulation model of a contact center and a service standard of 80 percent answered within 20 seconds.

Economies of scale are a natural occurring phenomenon in most production operations.

You see it in manufacturing or any other process that has a high fixed startup cost.