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It wasn't my greatest pedicure but it was worth the experience - I talked with others who were thrilled with their massages - ranged from 100-220The excursions are a great way to spend the day and take a little break from the beach.The cost of the excursions offered on our website are typically 10% cheaper than what's offered at the resort. A reservation is only required if you want to sit at a habachi table. The only restaurant you will need to make a reservation for is Himitsu.Picture this: white boxy, clean architecture that rises before you. You can just walk in and sit at a regular table without a reservation.Behind you, a purr of waves - pure aqua, crystal clear water that is hugged by pillowy, perfect sand. Then, as you turn around to take in this view of heaven, you feel a soft breeze. Be advised that men must wear collared shirts and pants for, they don't take any reservations at the restaurant but the wait usually wasn't long. If you go and they don't have a table open, they will give you a "buzzer" just like if you went to a nice restaurant in the US. We went to the lobby bar to get a drink and had a table within 10-15mins.We took an excursion to Chichin Itza (one of the seven wonders of the world), the Mayan city with the largest existing Mayan pyramid.If you like historical stuff, this is the place for you!

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I loved Xel Ha (pronounced Shell Ha) for a full day of swimming, snorkeling and sunning.

I am very critical when it comes to food and this place did not dissapoint.

We didn't eat at the steak place but heard it was very good.

I fell asleep listening to the oc..." We went to Secrets Silversands for my husband's birthday. There is a lot of grass to walk on before you get to the pool from the room, and to be honest, advertising it as a swim out is just a lie.

No, the "swim out" rooms are a total waste of money.