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If, per Raymond Williams, we take culture as a record of reactions to the changes in social, economic, and political life that come with the advent of modernity, we can see that this “sub-culture” – entirely a reaction to the creation of a legally inscribed Saudi Arabian nation-state – is just simply culture.Sex has always been an important feature of the Orientalist fantasy.Sexual behaviors that had been known, but tactfully unnamed, became codified as “taboo” through colonial juridical interventions.In Western discourse, the veiled woman – eroticized and fetishized as a mystical sexual object in nineteenth century colonial writings – became a decidedly sexually repressed being, represented by images that promulgate her supposed piety and subdued domesticity.emoji means you’re interested in going out for pints.

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Because the simulacrum of Saudi Arabia created by Wahhabi legal doctrine is ostensibly devoid of culture, this debaucherous “sub-culture” becomes the only manifest form of “culture” in the Kingdom.It should be no surprise that there’s a vibrant, thriving subculture in Saudi Arabia, where individuals express themselves extralegally.Though it may be more invisible and covert than other subcultures in the modern world, it’s just as sexually charged, illicit, and unfiltered.The deviant sexual activities of women in the harem – a lascivious gaze behind the veil, a bare ankle jingling with bangles at every step – are a fixation of nineteenth-century Orientalist literature about the Middle East.In , Joseph Massad argues that over the course of the colonial encounter and the Middle East’s “entrance” into modernity, Victorian notions of appropriate and shameful sexual behavior created a sexually repressed Arabic-Islamic colonial subject.