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Also, what looked like the tree roots were found in the siltstone below the basalt, suggesting the trees when alive were rooted into the siltstone and thus growing on a land surface that was then covered by basalt lava.This siltstone belongs to the Permian German Creek coal measures, conventionally believed to be around 255 million years old.

Neither laboratory was told exactly where the samples came from to ensure that there would be no resultant bias.

Since the nature of the samples require that the wood and basalt are the SAME age, then if we assume non-equilibrium C-14 levels.

the 30k y/o dates for the wood become more in line both with the Bible and previous fossil C-14 dates.

When miners were sinking a ventilation shaft for the new Crinum Coal Mine in Central Queensland in 1993 (see map below) they unearthed a rare find.

After digging through the thin surface sands and clays, followed by basalt, 21 metres (almost 69 feet) down they found pieces of wood entombed in the bottom basalt flow.