Amputee dating com devotee

Another subset is the groupie or willing accomplice.

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Most devotees target adult women although there is growing anecdotal evidence that some devotees are trying to befriend the parents of limb deficient children via Facebook. Many believe that their lives will be complete if they find a woman with a missing hand, arm, legs, etc.

It is not the pain, suffering or hardships of disability that attract us.

We have no wish to cause pain or injury to others.' Devotee Summary So in summary, amputee devotees use social media in a variety of ways but their prime motivation is to: Recruiters, agents & groupies Beyond devotees themselves, are those who facilitate and enable their activities by enticing or contacting limb deficient women on behalf of devotees.

Many devotees use social media because their chances of bumping in to a limb deficient woman in their own locality are unlikely. Their fixations can be very specific and they will specify that they are looking for example, 'a woman with right arm missing below the elbow' or 'woman with two missing legs'.

It is this level of objectification that indicates the obsessive nature of their quest as personality or other physical features are rarely mentioned.