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There is no way I could leave her alone, and I have already missed all the work I can before getting the sack.

Working nights really sucks, but the pay is good, and we need the money.

Ace was thanking me for having you stay here for a while so that I can take care of you while he is working.

We had a playful little its a deal kiss, and I explained that if he really was thankful I had an idea how he could thank me that is if it was alright with you.

If you dont mind, Peggy I need his cock NOW with your permission of course.

Mom you know I dont mind I have been trying to set this up for months.

Thats all the stuff that Peggy thought she would need for the next few days, or as she says probably 2 weeks.

That is so sweet of you to let Peggy stay with you for a while to recuperate after she got out of the hospital.

And believe me mom he has enough cock, and cum filled balls that never seam to get emptied to satisfy both of us.

Peggy and I talk about everything, and she told me that she couldnt even give you a decent blow job, the last couple months because she just couldnt get in to it feeling the way she did.

She said that fucking her ass and you eating her out were about the only release you have had for a while.

Believe me, he can love, fuck and take care of both of us far better that some stranger that may have some STD or is all fucked-up in the head.

Talk about safe sex, this is the safest and we can keep him so satisfied that he would never look at another girl.