Ati guide plus not updating

As an advanced option, the original firmware release (v119) is also included.

There should be no need to revert to the older version.

It will Install an ATI Driver Update in the Extensions folder, then install and run the ATI ROM Flasher to update the BIOS on all RADEON MAC EDITION cards detected in the system.

This installer will not work in Mac OS X (native or Classic).

Refresh rates of up to 200Hz are supported at some resolutions. Digital Flat Panel Extended Support Version 208 of the RADEON 7000 Mac Edition firmware offers higher resolution support and corrects issues some customers were having with specific LCD brands/models.

Some specific models affected include: Apple Cinema HD (23" LCD with DVI adapter), Dell 2000FP (20" DVI LCD) and Formac Gallery (17" & 20" LCDs with DVI adapter).

The update will flash all retail RADEON 7000 cards installed in the computer.

It is normal behavior for the RADEON 7000's TV-Out display and/or VGA connected through DVI-I port to go blank during the flash procedure.

Run this version of the flash program to repair a previously blanked RADEON 7000 card. Radeon HD 8670M graphics card When i updated to Windows 8.1 before updating to the latest amd beta drivers I had the optiion for configuring switchable graphics cards but when i would set games to high performace it would never work.It has not other option like Power Play where i could optimize my performance for better battery life This is all that I see on the catalyst control centre when i click on it Click here to view image This is what it shows when i click on software in product summary Click here to view image No configurable switchable graphics option when i right click on my desktop Click here to view image Oh and one more thing is after the graphic drivers update.Expanded NON-DDC mode lists Non DDC mode list expanded to include a wider range of refresh rates at resolutions up to 2048x1536.Displays lacking DDC include older models as well as professional series displays with BNC connections.