Backdating pension

In Bury everyone of working age who gets Council Tax Support has to pay at least 20% of their Council Tax.If you're pension age, you may be able to get Council Tax Support to cover all of your Council Tax.If the DWP is still waiting for information, ask what's missing and try to provide this information.There is no appeals procedure against the decision to suspend benefits.

If your benefit has been suspended, you could explain to the DWP that the suspension will cause hardship and ask for an interim benefit payment.If you're refused compensation, you could consider asking your MP to take up your case.You can also ask for a "consolatory" payment if you feel the delays or errors have caused you gross inconvenience, the DWP has embarrassed or humiliated you, or the distress the DWP has caused has affected your physical or mental health.The online calculator, provided by Entitled to, takes about 10 minutes to complete.Council Tax Support may not cover all of your Council Tax.