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Impressed by the pretty Sadeem, the maid of honor at Gamrah's wedding, several aunties arrange cell phone meetings between her and their nephews.(Cell phones and Internet chat rooms play a key role in this culture, allowing men and women to interact indirectly.) Sadeem hits it off with one man; the couple meet at a chaperoned shoufa, "the one lawful 'viewing' of the potential bride," and they sign a marriage contract.In order to give a uniformity to e-commerce law around the world, many countries adopted the UNCITRAL Model Law on Electronic Commerce (1996).Internationally there is the International Consumer Protection and Enforcement Network (ICPEN), which was formed in 1991 from an informal network of government customer fair trade organisations.Modern electronic commerce typically uses the World Wide Web for at least one part of the transaction's life cycle although it may also use other technologies such as e-mail.

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But Sadeem's mother died when she was a child and she sneaks under her father's radar, entertaining her new husband at home.

Like "Sex and the City's" Carrie, the narrator of this novel takes turns telling her friends' stories -- and can peer into their minds and bedrooms.

She often sums up an episode by making pronouncements about the sorry state of relations between the sexes in Saudi Arabia.

Desperate to keep him, Gamrah stops taking the pill and gets pregnant -- again a tip from Mom -- but her husband wants no more to do with their child than with her.

And so another marriage ends in divorce, which is apparently fairly common in Saudi Arabia, an obstacle to a woman's future romantic happiness but not a deal-breaker.