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While I probably should have been more offended that this man would hit on a married woman whose water could break at any moment, my angry texts to my friends were ranting about his tacky, fetishy come on.

As if letting me know he likes black women was supposed to make me jump into his lily white arms with gratitude that he finds my skin color worthy of his lust.

Maybe I’m out of touch but shouldn’t the priority be with finding a partner that is awesome… (Why couldn’t she have just called him a cute baby? I’ve been asked numerous times (even by my blog readers) how to “get a white boy” and asking me what I did to attract him.

A short google images search later, and I was staring at me, my husband, and my huge belly all over people’s blogs and pinterest boards. At my ripe old age of 31, I didn’t realize what a “thing” (read: fetish) interracial relationships, and marriages had become.I promise you it’s a beautiful world once you stop stereotyping and start enjoying the different types of people the world has to offer.The worst pickup line I’ve ever received was from a middle aged ginger dude who looked me up and down slowly, licked his lips and leaned in to let me know that he “goes wild for dark chocolate.” I was on the subway, alone, wearing my engagement ring, my wedding band…eight and a half months pregnant.My husband is white, I am black, my son is biracial, however, I am not “down with the swirl.” This term is almost as annoying to me as “jungle fever” though it’s much less racially insensitive. He’s a man, who happens to be white, that I love and am choosing to do life with.For a black woman, “swirling,” as opposed to just simply “dating” makes the priority finding a partner that is not black. We’re raising a family together and our son is not a “swirl baby” as a woman in Penn Station recently called him, with a nod of approval.