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Just make the piece of paper wet on one side and stick that side to your forehead.

Even before you can actually say “wet on one side” your hiccup would have stopped.

This is the article, where you get the best and the easiest tips to stop hiccups. If you believe in the old tales, then you will have to believe that hiccups are caused by your friend or relative.

Since we are a lot more educated than that, we will settle for the more scientific explanation. This irritation could be caused by something as simple as spicy food. Upon eating very spicy food, you will have a bout of tremendous hiccups.

This particular remedy has nothing to do with medication, rather it simply deals with what you can do, that might sound like mumbo jumbo but does actually work.

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Perhaps, by concentrating on something else that does not involve the hiccups.

Such hiccups that last for few minutes from their onset is simple to take care of.

However, if you are frequently affected by hiccups without having eaten any spicy food, then it could either be your liver failing, a bacterial infection or anything.

If it is one of those simple bouts, then this is the place for you to find out how best to take care of it.

Many researchers have proved that the speed at which you eat or drink something does determine whether your body suffers from a bout of hiccups or not.