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The following guidelines show you how to reference: The author's surname is written first followed by a comma and the initials with full stops after them: Halliday, M. Give the year of publication if you can find it, otherwise put (nd).

Strevens Edited books have the abbreviation 'ed.' or 'eds.' after the editor's name / editors' names. If the book has a number of editions, state the edition of the book you consulted. A complete reference for a book will look like this: Halliday, M. This is followed by the editor(s) of the collection, the title of the book and the place and name of the publishers: Fraser, J (1999) ¡¥The Translator and the Word: the Pros and Cons of Dictionaries in Translation¡¦, in Anderman, G. Then the name of the article is given in single inverted commas followed by the name of the journal in italics or underlined (whichever convention is being used for book titles) followed by the journal volume number, a colon and the page numbers of the article. (1978) ¡¥A theoretical model of second language learning¡¦.

But what they did find: “The kids were extremely engaged,” says Brueck. While add-ons can distract, they are extremely useful for beginning readers, who can zoom in on unfamiliar words or click links that help make connections to their world, says Guernsey.

Plus, the touchscreen or buttons on an e-reader can hone a preschooler’s fine-motor skills. When kids see printed words light up as they sound out the words, they’re encouraged.

UC San Diego has contracted with Skillsoft to offer faculty and staff a wide variety of free Web-based courses, books and videos available anytime, from any location, for Windows, Mac and some mobile devices.

That’s when she reluctantly bought a Nook, loading titles for both of them onto it.

At the end of every academic work there should be a list of references which allows readers to locate the citations and references in the text if they wish. There are various kinds of writing that come under this heading.

This list is usually called 'References' or 'List of references'. The principle is, as before, to give enough information so that the original could be tracked down by a reader.

While she thinks e-books are great for independent readers, she’s not as sure how good they are for preschoolers and kindergartners.

Her research has found that parents often become more controlling, concentrating more on what their child is doing with the device instead of talking about the story. The music, animation, and games that are loaded into kids’ e-books can end up being more distracting than useful, says Lisa Guernsey, director of the early education initiative at the New America Foundation.