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The inside is so soft it feels like you’re wearing cashmere (to clean the house — how posh! They look elegant and are comfy, too, while my dexterity with them on is excellent.

After washing up, the plates are sparkling and my hands are so soft it’s as if I had a housekeeper do the work for me.

The singer actually made it on time to see her husband in jail - and her scabby skin was looking much healthier.

Though Dad and I both need these surgical gloves for work, we’re now very careful about what we leave lying around – to make sure Ruby can’t gobble up something that disagrees with her.

However, the key is in originality, the polar bear breaking the ice one is something we’ve all heard a thousand times and isn’t funny.

The gloves have scouring pads running up the fingers and over the top of the finger on the right hand so you can get to tricky corners.

They are absolutely brilliant — except for left-handers.