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In this new series, we will explore the role of women in- and outside the city.

Different urban issues concerning the lives of women will be discussed in this series.

The surplus of women in Eastern Europe will be discussed first, then I will talk about the sudden shift of males in Northern Europe and lastly, the tendency of higher female populations in cities will be explained.

In Eastern Europe, the gender imbalance is quite high; there are way more women than men in countries who were formerly part of the Soviet Union, as can be seen on the image below.

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Especially in cities, a big discrepancy between male and female populations can be detected, as can be seen in the second image below.

In short, this causes not just a in rural areas, but also leads to a shortage of females, causing yet another gender imbalance.

What are the consequences of an imbalanced sex ratio?

An over-all female surplus can be detected in Southern Europe as well, although it is uncertain why exactly this is the case.

In the Northern Europe, the gender balance of the population has shifted.