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Not that I had any wish to escape it, but what if the machine lost control? But hungry and horny though I was, it was a struggle to take that wonderful cock all the way into me, with each thrust another inch stretching my vagina painfully. I was lost in a world of sensation, thrusting needfully onto that hard invader, each thrust a little easier, a little smoother, no less intense but answering an aching, building need for more and ever more; my mechanical lover gradually increasing the speed and depth of her assault; strings of glistening cum dancing beneath my jiggling breasts. I was tense with the need for climax, but orgasm eluded me.

Balancing my weight on one arm, I reached for my clit, determined to push myself to the edge.

She resumed fucking me, holding herself up on one hand while the thumb of the other caressed my clit in a steady, familiar pattern. And yet the futabot's mastery of me far exceeded what a machine was capable of. The clitoral stimulation was proving very effective.

I looked up, startled, at the cold, expressionless face. I surrendered to my body's need to fuck, to my mind's need to stop thinking. " My lover relented at last, pulling her cock from me, cum spurting out from my ravished pussy in its wake.

My fingers searched for balls, but found only pussy, the delicate folds of her labia dry to the touch.

Frustrated, I was on the verge of giving up, when the doll awoke suddenly, her insides whining and vibrating gently, a gasp of surprise. Her arm had moved, her hand positioned behind my head, preventing my escape as her cock hardened and lengthened in my mouth.

Behind me, Sal stood up slowly, then just as slowly lowered herself to her knees behind me, lining up her huge cock with my pussy.

I was no stranger to huge cocks - I'd known a few - but the knowledge that that futa-cock would be in me was cause for some concern. But as that soft head pushed between my labia, I pushed back, determined to drive that monster into me. I wanted the machine to claim me and use me thoroughly until there was nothing left of me but a puddle of sated pleasure.

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Having had no idea what this was about - I still didn't - I had dressed with some formality in a button-up shirt and a dark grey skirt with matching jacket. He paused outside a double door and looked at me sternly. But I need your word that you won't talk about what you see and do here." "Not even with Fiona?Her cock swelled and hardened even further, then jerked roughly between my lips for a good, long minute, while thick, creamy cum flooded my mouth, squeezing out through my stretched lips and running down my chin. More and more pulsed into my mouth, only to leak out and drip onto my breasts.I was surprised by how much it tasted like real cum.Nestling between its thighs was a limp cock that promised to be quite substantial when erect. A cable, as thick as my pinky, was plugged into the base of her skull from behind. Something of an exhibitionist, perhaps, but I preferred to be in control. I knelt before the lifeless, unaroused futabot, and feeling self-conscious and more than a little foolish, I introduced myself. But there was not even a sigh, not even a flicker of lust across her blank expression.I put my trust in an absent Fiona and pushed aside my concerns. I wondered how I was supposed to have fun with a lifeless doll.