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Being a small, independent filmmaker might bode well for you, since prosecutors usually prefer to go after high profile targets so they can have a bigger impact and show the world they mean business. I wish you luck and you have the full support of this board. Overall, it is a great system and I depend on it for the majority of my sales. It sounds like a lot, but it is what I have to do to survive.-------------- One of my friends told me about an upcoming British film that has some potential. It stars Gemma Arterton, a young actress who's definitely easy on the eyes, and get this: according to the articles I've read, she gets stripped naked, ballgagged and tied spread-eagle to a bed for nearly all the movie! Check out this goth vid from a band called, "Lesbian Bed Death." Great GIMP scene, AND a kick ass song! They take on a great risk and host all my content, so to me, it is worth it.Well, I'm not sure how much we see her naked onscreen, but check out the interview with the 2 male stars in my Homepage URL and see what you think. You can find my movie listing on Nicheclips at two stores: PKF Studios PPV: store_id=61 I have 330 movies, but only keep about 100-120 on each store on Nicheclips.

Greetings: The days of the HOM features are hard to beat...Shocker - man, you have major stones there partner - it seems all such legislation is intentionally written in a vague manner to keep attorneys employed - and the local DA is simply another attorney probably seeking higher political office and would squash any bondage producer in a heartbeat if he thought it would buy him one more vote - I certainly admire any producer trying to make a go of it in any political climate - good luck with your project. Griffith of our little corner of the film universe, and I was interested to see how much respect Rick pays to the technical and cinematic abilities of the HOM artists.Stay Well All Fantastic to see all those old HOM images. Now Rick himself has produced an awesome array of feature length films ... Speaking of HOM, does anyone, such as Scribbler (who Ralphus calls our own "HOM historian") or Sgt Major, know the early history of HOM?Shocker - Welcome to the wonderful world of BDSM filmmaking, where you will be persecuted, dropped at a moments notice by your payment provider, web-host or anything else you depend on for financial stability.Still, I would rather be infamous than famous any day of the week. All of these Tourist Trap photos forced me to go back and take a look at Sloth's review.