Chelsea handler dating comcast

There will be a live audience and lots of wild-card elements; earlier in the day, Handler held auditions for a child correspondent (“I’m looking for a 10-year-old with attitude,” she says). It’ll be completely different.”In one respect, it already is: It’s on Netflix.

All of this will be packed into a running time of 30 minutes, more or less. Talk shows on broadcast airwaves have censors, commercial breaks, and nightly ratings.

"W"Chelsea's pitch was as entertaining and unique as you could imagine.

It's not everyday that we get a Hollywood A-lister pitching an app to us," Paul Holland, a general partner at Foundation Capital, tells Tech Insider.

ti­tled “Too Hot to Handler,” she was asked out on a date by Scooter.

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It will feature taped field reports—mini versions of the four hour-plus documentaries that debuted on Netflix back in January. You’re not going to turn it on three nights a week and have an opening monologue, a guest, and a band.

Though Netflix has shows that return year after year, it's never done daily or weekly programming.

It'll be interesting to see how successful timely content will be on a platform that regularly brags about its ability to pick up niche films and wait around for them to find an audience.

Her comedy tours, which accompanied the books’ releases, have grossed million.

Netflix 2014 To promote her most recent book, Uganda Be Kidding Me, Hand­ler performed a live comedy show in Chicago produced by Borderline Amazing that was recorded and released exclusively on Netflix.