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There's definitely an interest, I don't know if I'd call it a following.[ You haven't played a gay character since the late '90s, but you were set to do a film in 2009 with the now-out Sean Maher. I don't know, I found out I was attached to that at the same time that Sean did, and we both were sort of going, what are we attached to?And doesn’t describing Boone as “a mature, down-to-earth guy” makes him sound like the complete opposite of Jimmy?He was the lead for Eureka, a Syfy original series broadcast between 20, for which he was also a producer in its later seasons.He was also a guest presenter for sci-fi news show Hypa Space., which is based on Fran Drescher's post-martial life after husband Peter Marc Jacobson came out.revolves around Gretchen’s gloriously dysfunctional romance with Jimmy (Chris Geere).

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Thank you so much." It's so humbling to be thanked for something that you wanted to do. It was enough for me just to be able to do it and work with Laura Linney and all those involved, and then to be thanked for that, a decade later.Born in Montreal, Colin Ferguson grew up in Hong Kong, England, Connecticut and Toronto.He got into improv comedy to make money to put himself through Mc Gill University, and he was a founding member of Detroit's Second City comedy club while still in school.He portrayed Donovan's character's deceased husband—including a steamy flashback scene.At the time, Ferguson also had a main role on the gay themed mini-series, ?