Consolidating tasks

This tutorial covers creating a taskflow for automatically loading and consolidating data. On the General tab, perform the following actions: a.

You create a taskflow by defining it and adding a Stage 1 task to load data and a Stage 2 task to consolidate data. The link to the Stage 1 task enables the taskflow to proceed to the Stage 2 task if the Stage 1 task is completed successfully. In the Description box, enter " To automate loading and consolidating data for California." c.

Purchase requisitions are either automatically processed into purchase orders, or held for manual processing and demand consolidation.

To consolidate purchase requisition lines, complete the following tasks: Learn more about...

Use this procedure to close a consolidation opportunity.

You close a consolidation opportunity when you have completed demand consolidation for the consolidation opportunity lines and are ready to generate a purchase order for the consolidation lines.

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Here we have a quick ‘dip list’ of 55 consolidation activities kindly shared by Jeni Mason, a science teacher at Wilmslow High School.

Have a browse and steal or adapt as many as you like.

The link to the Stage 2 task ends the automation process.

Finally, you test the taskflow to ensure that it loads and consolidates the data automatically.