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The gold may have been deposited as a sacrifice to appease the gods and get the sunlight back.The decline of Teotihuacán, a huge city in Mesoamerica, is also associated with the droughts related to the climate changes, with signs of civil unrest and famines.A book written by David Keys speculates that the climate changes may have contributed to various developments, such as the emergence of the Plague of Justinian, the decline of the Avars, the migration of Mongolian tribes towards the West, the end of the Sassanid Empire, the collapse of the Gupta Empire, the rise of Islam, the expansion of Turkic tribes, and the fall of Teotihuacán.In 2000, a 3BM Television production (for WNET and Channel Four) capitalized upon Keys' book. How the World Changed, was broadcast in the US as part of PBS's Secrets of the Dead series.A conservative bulk tephra volume for the TBJ event of ~84 km was calculated, indicating a large Volcanic explosivity index 6 event and a magnitude of 6.9.

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The evidence of sulfate deposits in ice cores strongly supports the volcano hypothesis; the sulfate spike is even more intense than what accompanied the lesser episode of climatic aberration in 1816, popularly known as the "Year Without a Summer", which has been connected to the explosion of the volcano Mount Tambora in Sumbawa.

In 1999, David Keys in his book Catastrophe: A Quest for the Origins of the Modern World (supported by work of the American volcanologist Ken Wohletz), suggested that the volcano Krakatoa exploded at the time and caused the changes.

Now I understand there was difficulties with the date of birth? Dr Harris said: 'I confirm the identity of Youssef Zaghbam born 26 January 1995 aged 22, born in Fez Morocco, no information of his martial status.'He is known as an audio technician and gives an address as in Ilford.

Stating he was satisfied all three suspected deaths were unnatural he opened their inquests.