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"I never actually thought anything was going to be too difficult that it was worth leaving the course," Griest said at a news conference.

"I was thinking really of future generations of women that I would like them to have that opportunity, so I had that pressure on myself," she added.

The next day of patrols, they switched, with Ranger Griest humping the radio, and the other female student carrying the M240 ... "I went to school with Shaye [Haver], and I knew she was a physical stud.

But I was skeptical of whether or not she could handle it because this is my third time at a Ranger School," fellow Ranger candidate 2nd Lt. "I was the 320 gunner [a grenade launcher], so I had a lot of weight on me, and I was struggling.

Because of the wartime status and the need for new recruits, the Ranger candidates trained in the form of actual missions -- the "in-country Ranger school" [source: Special].

Only after proving that their value and skill sets were in line with the Rangers' were the recruits formally indoctrinated. In this article, we'll look at Rangers -- where they came from and what they do.

These first Army Rangers served, at first, alongside the British commandos that trained them.

There's no telling how long he's been observing you, and what's more, by the time you detect a Ranger, you're probably too late.

If you're in a combat situation and you see a Ranger, most likely he's already spotted you.

And I stopped, and I asked at halfway point, ‘Hey, can anyone help take some of this weight?

’ I got a lot of deer-in-the headlight looks, you know.