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If you have an aversion to dating single mothers, the Dominican Republic is the place for you.The island is crawling with single mothers and they will usually leverage the kid for money pleas.As you can probably guess by now, skin color will vary across the economic scale as well as by region. This is especially true in the capital Santo Domingo.However in other parts of the island (such as Santiago and the Cibao region) people will have caucasian features regardless of class.At the clubs, Dominican girls are watching like hawks to see what you are ordering/drinking.

Give her a choice of two days for dates and push for a venue close to your place.

Now you probably think those types of girls grow on trees alongside the coconuts in the Caribbean. I’ve lived in the DR (Dominican Republic) for over 15 months so I can tell you from experience that, as with everything in life, the good comes with the bad.

Azure-blue water, white sand, tanned beauties with hourglass figures. In this article, I’ll give you the lowdown on Dominican girls and what you can do to enjoy the women down there without losing your mind.

The truth is, having a nice place, car, suit and ordering bottle service at the club makes a difference.

I wish it didn’t and I wish I could just get by on my charm but I’ve given up on my principles in the quest for more Dominican success.