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And to add insult to injury, Jones recently interviewed a Zionist-Jew professor, a “Dr Jonathan Levy,” who railed in typical Jewish fashion against the Catholic Church as being part of the President of Ecolo Blue Life & Energy.Tieleman does live, on-air 10-minute commercials on Alex Jones’ radio show, and the regular recorded commercials are voiced by Alex Jones himself.

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Jones’ seeming allegiance to Zionism, which explains why he virtually never targets Zionist Jews or the racist, Zionist rogue state of Israel when engaging in his notorious , may well stem from a Protestant-Zionist belief system, and the widely circulated reports that his wife is a Jew - - which makes his two children Jewish under Talmudic law and eligible for the Israeli .At the very least, the Jones revenue-streams from his Jewish sponsors present far too many obstacles for him to discuss world Zionism to any realistic degree.Sponsor revenues aside, Jones’ Jewish connections are, indeed, profound, wide-ranging and number far too many for him to dare report the facts and dynamics of the Zionist control, influence and subjugation of much of the planet…even if he wanted to.There is a considerable area of Yakut settlement higher up the Lena, near the mouth of its tributary, the all have ramified tributaries draining extensive areas) constitute a net– work of waterways covering the entire country.The larger of them form a natural sys– tem of communications which has played a profound role in the country's history.