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Parsi believes he can trace the origins of Toronto’s growing reputation.

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"Canada has indicated to the United Nations that we are ready to accept anyone, if they're a gay Iranian refugee," former Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney said.And for LGBT exiles who have long kept their sexuality under wraps, tolerant Canada is seen as better than its southern neighbor to build a new, open life.“Life for LGBT in Canada is totally different than life for LGBT in the U. In a PEW poll last year, Canada came in as the third most accepting country in the world for LGBT people, while the U. The amount of refugees taken in by the United States dwarfs that of Canada, but case workers and refugees alike are aware that tolerance is higher up north than in the U.S., where battles for gay rights are still bitterly divisive. debated a number of state laws that would allow businesses to refuse service to patrons based on sexual orientation, exiled Iranians smelled hints of their homeland.Since launching in 2008, Parsi says IRQR has assisted nearly 1,000 LGBT Iranian refugees with the process of getting asylum, encouraging them to push for placement in his adopted country.For refugees who struggle to make ends met with small government stipends, Canada’s socialized health care and public education are a vital safety net. When Parsi was applying for refugee status himself, he told the agency of his relatives in Los Angeles, typically a surefire way to be placed there. S.], but I’m a gay activist so send me somewhere I can live as LGBT.” They sent him to Canada.