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Coach 8 in our Smart ambience features 2 seats for travelers in wheelchairs, located near the reserved toilet for people with reduced mobility and near the Snack Area vending machines in Coach 7.

All toilets and seat numbers have Braille markings for the visually impaired.

All you need to do is use your Italo Più code every time you book.

And, you can earn even more points by choosing services offered by Italo Più partners.

Se accedi a un qualunque elemento sottostante questo banner acconsenti all’uso dei cookie.

Italobus brings High Speed connections to yet more cities throughout Italy with one handy ticket allowing you to start your journey by train and complete it in an Italo-branded bus.

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You can also use our Self-Service ticket machines which accept credit cards and bankcard and, in some cases, also cash.

No other company makes it as easy to travel free - with Italo all you need is just 1,800 points.

Download Italo Treno, the official Italo app for i Phone and Android and you’ll have instant access to the world of Italo.

Pronto Italo is our Contact Centre where you can call an Italo staff member to purchase your ticket every day of the week from 7.00 am until 11.00 pm.

Calls cost the usual fee charged by your network, and we add a service fee of €3 per ticket.