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And after that, I rebounded hard in the other direction – the next time, I was the one who invested nothing into my next relationship… It wasn’t until I truly realized that how the other person treats me or acts in a relationship has NOTHING to do with me that I was finally set free.I reacted so poorly to investing in someone who wasn’t invested in me that I completely closed myself off from letting myself have feelings for anyone else at that time. People obsess over trying to extract actions from the other person to prove that they’re in a good relationship. It’s not to say that there aren’t things that I want, but it’s not my mission to make the other person do things a certain way so I can feel good about myself.But the bottom line is: when a man says he doesn’t want a relationship with you, believe him. So instead of chasing him and triggering his response to retreat, be the single woman he supposedly wants you to be…You don’t have to stop seeing him if you don’t want to, but don’t sucker yourself into believing that you’re going to change the situation, change him, “reach his misunderstood and mistreated heart”, etc. The higher your “market value” is on the singles market, the more likely he’ll be to want to lock you down in a relationship. Moreover, if a guy knows full well that another man would be glad to snap you up in a relationship and he still doesn’t come around and want an exclusive relationship with you, then you can be certain that there was nothing you could have done to make him want to be exclusive with you…Navient has more than 12 million borrowers nationally, more than six million of them through a contract with the Department of Education, and handles more than 0 billion in federal and private student loans. peddling risky and expensive subprime loans that they knew or should have known were likely to default, and …

Navient said in a statement that the allegations “are completely unfounded and the case was filed without any review of Pennsylvania residents’ customer accounts.” “We comply with the rules that govern the student loan program as set by Congress and the Department of Education, and there are no allegations that we have violated these rules,” said Patricia Nash Christel, vice president of corporate communications.

One of the company’s emails on a subprime lending workshop described the subprime loan program as “the baited hook to gain …volume,” according to the suit.

The company, according to the Attorney General’s Office, has made predatory loans to students attending for-profit and nonprofit colleges with graduation rates lower than 50 percent despite “clear expectations that an extremely high percentage of students would not be able to repay them.” The suit also accuses the company of loosening credit standards to give expensive loans to students who could not afford them.

Some borrowers, as a result, have had to delay starting a family, purchasing a home, or opening a business, the suit alleges.

And the company, beginning in 2009, steered borrowers into short-term loan forbearances that actually continued longer and accrued interest, adding to students’ debt, Shapiro’s office said.