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Here is a current version on You Tube, so you can watch it for free and it has English subtitles too.DBSK's drama "Dating On Earth" is about the married life of a high school life of a couple.Dating on Earth: Image Source This is an early Banjun Theater production featuring all 5 DBSK members when they were all part of SM entertainment.I am not sure which years this movie production came in as finding much information about it is not easy, nor finding a copy of this movie is easy.Check back regularly for upcoming events we think you should see.Yoochun y Hyun Jin son esposos, Yoochun se encuentra estudiando el tercer grado de preparatoria por que perdió dos años por involucrarse en una pelea, Hyun Jin es maestra.Thank you United State.....................3.00 (shipping for each additional single dvd are 2.50) Canada............................8.00 (shipping for each additional single dvd are 3.00) International....................10.00 (shipping for each additional single dvd are 5.00) Please request a invoice if you are not sure on combine shipping and insurance total.

Even though it is early production, Park Yoochun shows promise of acting style which is clearly more evident in Roof Top Prince, Missing You and other dramas that has starred in.

Todo va bien hasta que la transfieren como tutora del grupo de Yoochun, donde nadie sabe que es casado y mucho menos que es con ella.

Para complicar la situación entra Jaejoong, un nuevo estudiante implicado en la mafia y con un pasado dificil.

He is already married at young age to So Hyon Jin and they seemed to be happily married.

Yoochun has tried to save a junior (Max Changmin) from bad guys before so he had to go to prison for 2 years, that is why he is behind and still in high school. Park Yoochun seemed to be popular in his school and class liked by both girls and guys. Xiah Junsu and Max Changmin plays Yoochun’s friends and classmates.