Dating pictures on iphone

Anyone walking across the Edmund Pettus Bridge could join Martin Luther King Jr. From seeing the Beatles play at the Cavern, to watching tyrannosaurus rex skeletons come alive in museums, the opportunities to enhance cultural experiences are limitless. Trails can be highlighted, flora identified, and backcountry hikers will no longer risk being lost in the wilderness when rangers can track their remote locations.

My favorite idea is for the 331 million annual visitors to U. Let’s face it: Keeping track of every expense, whether for business or personal reasons, is laborious. From automatically calculating a restaurant tip to inputting each receipt you eyeball into your financial records, an AR money app can help everyone manage their money better.

But it might take much longer than that to get hold of it, according to new reports, which suggest that the phone might be delayed or at least severely supply constrained perhaps until early 2018.You can leave geo-tagged instructions about when and where to meet up that appear when anyone in your social graph walks into the tagged zone.You can even geo-tag locations for pop-up gifts, like bottle service for the bachelor party you can’t attend (for your friend who was so successful with AR Dating).Perhaps the biggest change to the physical design is the long camera hole that now stretches down the phone.Apple made that camera opening a large oval for the first time with the i Phone 6s – which includes a dual lens camera setup for taking deeper pictures – but those have now been rotated so that they move down the back of the phone.