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And that is all a woman needs to see to know the answer to that question. A good way for a woman to find out if a man is interested in her is to ask, “If you had one question for me what would it be?” A woman can tell by a man’s answer if he is interested in getting to know her for a date, for a booty call or if he is just plain not interested.They should always ask basic questions and look at the man while he is answering to see if there are any tell-tell signs that he is being dishonest.Also, women should always remember to be safe when they meet men from an online dating site.It's like driving a car without knowing the destination — you may get there but only after you wasted your time.Here are the 10 questions to ask a guy when you first meet, especially when you're dating in your 40's:1.I really wish you were right, but that’s what makes this question extra annoying: The same guys who ask me what I to do for fun will turn around in two weeks, and ask me what I would like to do for our first date, even though I’ve given them a list of things I do for fun. I mean, what is the right answer to a question like this?

(aka, “Why are you single: The Remix)This is one of those backhanded compliments that really has no response. As a Plus-Size Princess, I often wonder if the guys asking me out have dated big girls before (not that it matters, but I do wonder), and I’ve learned that the answer is rarely helpful.

Many women find it difficult to meet guys to date who are looking for marriage or a long term relationship.

No woman really wants to meet men at the bar or a night club, and as most men are waiting until they are older for serious commitments, college is no longer the place to meet someone with an eye for the long term.

Online Dating: A Way to Meet Prince Charming Online dating can be a fun way to meet a guy.

Imagine the potential: a computer, millions of men and a possible chance to meet Prince Charming or at least a chance for a budding romance.