Dating religious differences consolidating your credit cards

If you enjoy the person and are happy then just stick with it.

Now if they are constantly bombarding you with their religious views or don’t agree with you than perhaps it will just be more of an annoyance and possibly just let them know you aren’t sure of your beliefs yet and you’d rather enjoy them rather than debate over religion.

Not to brag but I feel the main reason this worked, and still works, is because we are both open minded.

Unlike a lot of religious people I know, we honestly think about what the other is saying before accepting or rejecting it. Thinking back to college, it’s kind of a bummer too.

When I met my husband, back in ’97, he was an Atheist. He asked me out every day for 4 months before I eventually gave in.

When we started dating, we made an agreement not judge or pressure the other person into believing or not believing. Instead, we really listened and tried to understand where the other person was coming from.

I’m still trying to figure out my own beliefs so I just feel lost when it comes to this topic. I think if anything religion would play more a crucial role later on like when it comes to getting married and having kids, but if its not looking anything serious like that, at least not as of now, then in the mean time I would say just see where you go from here., I said to myself, walking a little too close to the petite corporate working girl venting on the phone on a deserted sidewalk. Camping out to marathon old seasons of shows until we were all caught up.I couldn't believe the conversation she was having at that moment was the same one I had been having with myself for almost a year. How to marry someone who doesn't practice your religion? Getting into a carefully made, half-tucked, half-untucked bed on the nights I stayed over.Her fiancee, on the other hand, is Christian, brought up around a strong faith-based family. all the best, -p My most recent ex of about 7 months was a religious Christian but didn’t practice often.She brought this issue up to me in their earlier days of dating (they got together after my boyfriend and I), and was a little worried about it. I am a non-practicing Jew, and she always felt scared to talk to me about any religious matters, weakening our relationship due to the inability to communicate.