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The problems created by the monsoons need institutional and enduring responses as urgently as possible.But whatever the downsides, the monsoons are awaited with great anticipation by all Indians, and most of all by the farmer.Such poetry is not only about the fulfilment of love but also of birha, the pangs of separation if the beloved is away when the skies become grey and the moist winds of saawan blow.If, in the West, a beautiful day has to be sunny, for us a romantic day is when the clouds have hidden the sun, and there is the promise of rain.If it is possible, this is the time to take a short break, and while sipping a cup of tea, listen to the raga Malhar.Every time I listen to Malhar during the monsoons I wonder at the genius of our musical legacy.In cities, roads become rivers, traffic jams last for hours and electrical lines snap.

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Perhaps, for the younger generation, these films are much too old, and there are as many rain-drenched songs from more contemporary films.When Anu Malik picks his harmonium, humming a melody, it indeed becomes a melody, something even the millennials miss hearing these days, amid the crowd of rap and rock songs.Take for instance, “Moh Moh Ke Dhage” from Dum Laga Ke Haisha.Would Chanakya have paused for a moment from his relentless pursuit of politics and political theory, when the first raindrops of the monsoon drenched the parched earth, and the irresistible smell of wet earth filled his nostrils?I would think yes, for human beings as talented as he was cannot — and indeed should not — be monochromatic.