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Was there any chance of helium from any other sources contaminating the sample?In order to fully quantify the rock samples they obtained, the above two questions need to be thoroughly answered to secure the quality of the rock being sampled.

Talk Origins clearly does not understand that Uniformitarian geology and Flood geology are two totally different theoretical systems.

If an object is really a million plus years old as interpreted by Uniformitarian geology then it should not have any Thank you, Talk Origins for proving the point of the claim.

They are once again begging the question since the way to determine if an object is contaminated with "younger" or "older" carbon is by dating it with some other method.

The "misuse" claim is an excuse to explain away a result that doesn't fit the evolutionary orthodoxy. Radiocarbon dating has been repeatedly tested, demonstrating its accuracy.

It is calibrated by tree-ring data, which gives a nearly exact calendar for more than 11,000 years back.