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Despite some great content in her profile, K guessed that she was either insecure and camera-shy, or had something to hide – both factors he considered a turn-off.Whilst the woman with one photo sparked some interest in K, he felt that a single photo was not enough to give him a sense of who she was.Once he understood this distinction he realised that the dog factor was probably not a deal-breaker, but more of a preference.Having grown up in the 80s, attending a school full of boys with an obsession for heavy metal music, I developed an aversion to men with heavier music tastes (to put it mildly).

For him, staying child-free is a genuine deal-breaker and any woman who wants children would not be a good match for him.

I jumped her.” The second dog exclaims,” Boy, you’re gonna be put down for that.” The first dog replies, “Actually, I’m just here to get my nails clipped.”Robert Cormack is a freelance copywriter, novelist and blogger.

His first novel “You Can Lead a Horse to Water (But You Can’t Make It Scuba Dive)” is available online and at most major bookstores.

#London Based #M25 #Filming in #September QSknc — Cast Me (@Official Cast Me) August 25, 2017 The deets are sparse on how the show’s format will actually work – will the potential couples be partnered up according to dog breed, or will the pups pick a person for their human based on how long they sniff someone’s crotch? Be careful though, dogs with bold personalities are notoriously bad at letting fame turn them into absolute divas.

Or will it just be the dogs dating and there’s no humans involved at all? And all you need to do to take part in the show is be single, and have a dog. If you and your pup want to take part in the series, all you need to do is send a photo of you and your dog, your partner preference (tall, hot, doesn’t kiss their dog on the mouth), and your contact details to [email protected]