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The pair was bought new in the mid-1980s, and were selected with the help of Ray Carpenter, then Principal Clarinet of the BSO. The Silver plating shows some wear, commensurate with use, mainly to the ring finger touchpieces, and the bottom RH "pinky" keys.The Grenadilla wood is in good condition throughout, though there is a small chip to the outer rim of the top tenon of the Bb, see photo 4.The supplied m'piece is an "as new" Vandoren B40 Lyre 13.If desired the pair can be split as follows: A in double case for 1495.Unusually it has a low A/E vent instead of a low G/D compensating vent.So for these reasons it is perhaps best described as an experimental Schmidt Reform Boehm Eb.

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The case is in fair condition with some wear to the interior lining, the handle is missing.

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Bb in new single case with 2 barrels and m'piece for 1400.

A superb Boehm system clarinet made by the last maker of the legendary Albert family.