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If you’re whining about the idea of compromising, I have a little secret for you: Marriage is compromise.And you and your fiancée are either the sort of people who can reach an agreement or you’re the sort who count battles won. The book relates, the book is funny, and there's so much more I want to still know about the characters. From one college student to a former one, who is in a "rut" with women, this book spoke to me and gave me insights on how to better up my "game" for lack of a better word.

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My wife and I are having separate bachelorette parties, even though our friend group overlaps.

My best friend from college is planning mine, and she (this was supposed to be a surprise to me) is planning on taking me to a strip club for a naughty night out.

Maybe she’ll feel better about it if she goes along.

Maybe you and your bestie need to take a secret trip to the strip club the week before, so you can get your dance and keep your fiancée happy.