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The parents need to know that they cannot question their children to the point of becoming intrusive or putting the child in an uncomfortable position.

No one wants a child to feel that they have to keep a secret or that the parties have to be worried about big brother detectives or spies from the neighborhood.

The quick turn-around review will provide some level of comfort and would be able to be requested by the party who has become aware of the presence of the third-party.

The goal is to have children flow effortlessly from one residence to the other without any negative impact from those new to the family unit.

The authors of this article suggest various reasons as to why the Mantle decision is one that will result in positive or negative changes on this very issue.

THE MANTLE DECISION, WHILE WELL-REASONED, PUTS TOO MUCH WEIGHT ON THE OPINIONS OF THE CHILDREN AND TOO MUCH ONUS ON THE PARENT SEEKING RESTRAINTS While clearly the law regarding De Vita restraints needed to be modified in light of the changes in societal norms and many of the changes and rationales suggested by Judge Jones are not only bona fide but beneficial, the Court’s decision has a danger of putting too much reliance on the opinions of children and also too much onus on the parent who is seeking the De Vita restraints in the best interests of the child.