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Some have argued that running is a ‘selfish sport’ and in some ways it may appear to be.

But I will always argue that any selfishness is absolved so long as: 1) Every running KNOWS how lucky they are for any support they get.

Such are to-and-fro exchanges that are alive, active and dynamic.

The process is creative and poetic, and can be an artwork.

This post is inspired by the post, 8 Reasons You Should Never Date a Runner. You can go to big cities, or small towns, and see places you never thought you’d enjoy.

While I nodded my head and chuckled at the comments (my feet are gross and I do spend all my money on running gear and races) I think the reasons to date a runner far outweigh the reasons not to. For example, here is a list of all the places I’ve traveled to (or will be) (I think) for races: You’ll probably even be able to sleep through the early wake-up call and just meet us at the finish in time for a sweaty hug and a post-run shower.

Since weekend long runs are a thing, we’re in bed early.

The other 20 have walked-out – some of whom are no doubt the oh-so-precious-well-heeled-high-falutin-arm-chair-critics-cynics who must not to be caught dead in such uncouth/mindless/embarrassing/juvenile act as running.

It can be argued that the specific locomotion is running.

For several years Kai was an advisor in a panel at the Media Development Authority of Singapore, and worked as lecturer and programme leader in an art university and film school, as well as a digital arts consultant.

Air-drying our running shirts and tights across the banister, cupboards full of protein bars and Gu’s…the oft empty refrigerator.

Certainly the friends and loved ones of a runner may suffer, they may not ‘get it’, they may not harbor ANY desire to worship the all-mighty mile, rock a Garmin tan so burned into your skin it lasts through winter, or not bat an eye about wearing ‘short’ running shorts in public.