Dave online dating

The young Christian couple dating are not essentially married.Their relationship does not, in any way shape of form, mirror the ancient custom of pre-marriage (where an engaged couple was essentially married but had not consummated their marriage, see Mary and Joseph in the gospels to get a picture of this).After all this is, understandably, a major concern for young adults.But there is model of dating that has been floating around for sometime that I am not sure is healthy.They should be moving slowly and simply building a relationship that may or may not go anywhere.

It’s important not to mislead others or misrepresent your intentions. You can’t plan to marry someone you don’t really appreciate or understand.

I want to encourage our folks to have healthy, God-honoring dating practices.

But I also want to encourage them to move slowly, be careful, and relax.

Putting too much pressure quickly on a relationship is a sure-fire way to kill it.

A post like this opens up a host of related questions and I want to spend some time in upcoming posts considering these related questions more carefully.