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We’re a software users group interested in the programming language, Ruby.

Our talks range from specific aspects of Ruby on Rails to metaprogamming to anything else in the Ruby world.

Just create an imaginative and impressive opening line, and eventually someone with proper grammar will notice it.

I have some Omegle friends I've been talking to over a year now.

Finally, don't forget that it is human to make mistakes! Let’s work together to help each other, resolve issues, and learn from the mistakes that we will all inevitably make from time to time.

I have no idea where I could do this now, even though I have often heard or read about Internet chat rooms. I've been playing trivia games with a group of a couple 100 people (fortunately not all at once!

the games usually have 7-20 people in them) for over a decade.

Lord of the Rings is a free to play game, make an account, load the game and hit the forums and see which servers are english speaking [I play on a german speaking server] So far, I have not run into very many tweens sexting people, you might like it. I use Omegle and have had about 2 meaningful conversations on it, but the website is just filled with stupid tween kids wanting to talk about sex or whatever, and won't give me the time of day simply because I'm a guy.

Well if you have a lot of patience, you can have a wonderful time on Omegle.