Did keira knightley dating orlando bloom

Unfortunately for her, a gorgeous face and forever puckered lips cannot serve as substitutes to emotions.

When Beyonce sang ‘Crazy In Love’, she became the darling of music-fans worldwide overnight.

Judging from her expressionless, wooden performances – we can state with confidence that she should have stuck with her musical career.

‘Epic’ (2013) finally highlighted where Beyonce was going wrong with her film career.

Another case of a moderately successful pop star misled into thinking that she could become an actress too.

The in-your-face sexual overtones in Jackson’s first music album (‘Janet’) were just what teens were looking for.

Rose Mc Gowan and Drew Barrymore (apart from a couple of roles here and there) have not done much more in their careers than pout and flutter their pretty eyelashes.

Emma Roberts is one from the younger brigade who has, as yet, showcased no great acting skills.