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Three other cities hold annual athletic events to their deities, so the Olympic games are played every four years.Lycurgus gives laws to the Spartans which included the banning of silver and gold, redistribution of all land, creation of a senate, eating at public mess (so no dainty desire for expensive food would develop), and forbidding all useless occupations.King Xerxes demands the surrender of the Greeks weapons, to which King Leonidas replies, "Molon Labe", or "Come and take them." (See: Texas Independence, "Come and Take It" flag).

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He notes this by observing water flows from a roof as a solid stream at first and then breaks into droplets as it is getting faster.

Darius has leveled the wide plain to allow better use of his chariots and superior numbers.

Alexander leads his troops off to the edge of the prepared field. 270 BC) becomes the third head of the Aristotle's school, the Lyceum.

According to legend, Rome is founded by Romulus, grandson of King Numitor of Alba Longa, and son of Mars.

Twelve birds circled overhead during the founding ceremonies and legend had it that the city would survive for 12 centuries.