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I wasn’t expecting a lot without purchasing credits, but I was pleasantly surprised. I started talking to about five girls, but only one of them was ideal. I made an extra effort with the cutest one and it paid off.

We met at a coffee shop and we had a lot in common.

Blendr is one of the only hook-up apps that is completely free to download and use.

Tinder is free as well, but Blendr has a much bigger network of users.

Try this app out and see what kind of results you get for free.

The credit system is there to help you whenever you need it.

You click on the topic that is appropriate to your problem and you can send a message to customer service through the app.

Blendr gives you everything you need to find local girls to have casual sex with. If you have the money; you can purchase credits for more exposure fairly cheap. Try it out for free and you will see why this app is so popular.

Went to Metro office and they spent about an hour troubleshooting but only after I mentioned the hacking potential did they confirm it was highly possible that's what happened.Also, you are required to add your mobile phone number for verification before using the app.They usually have deals when you sign up where you get a certain amount of free credits.These credits can be used in several ways to increase your exposure and help you get more matches.Upload pictures that are flattering, but no pictures with you standing at your bathroom mirror with your shirt pulled up.

Free flirt sex chat dating no credit card