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As the deaf person signs, the VI will voice to the hearing user.

When the hearing person speaks, the deaf person can view the VI sign what is being said by the hearing person." This works the other way, too, of course.

A hearing person can initiate the call to a person with hearing loss.

If that person is not home, the VI can leave a Video Mail message that is recorded and emailed to the person with hearing loss, or the VI can send a text message.

These kids also use VRS or their own videophones when they're home on weekends and summer breaks to keep in touch with classmates who are scattered over a large geographic area.

But, for very young children without reading and writing skills, TTYs offer no help.

Even older children often do not have the typing skills to make calls run smoothly.

I just feel bad that more parents haven't heard of it." Sorenson installer and trainer, Wayne Faggot, could not agree more.

"When I was growing up, if I wanted to talk to a friend, I had to get on my bike and pedal across town," Wayne said.