Free russian camera sex

Donald Trump just obtusely addressed reports posted by some media, which claim the Russians have graphic sexual material on the President-elect, saying simply, "I'm a germaphobe." Trump scoffed at unconfirmed reports that Putin has anything on him, and explained especially when he goes to foreign countries, he's clear with his entire staff they all need to be on their best behavior because of secretly placed cameras.

Then he indirectly addressed what a few outlets have been reporting ...

Donald Trump has some news for everyone who showered him with pee jokes: he's a germaphobe.

Trump's Russian connections are of heightened interest because of an FBI investigation into possible collusion between Trump's presidential campaign and Russian operatives to interfere in last fall's election.

arrested 10 Russian illegals in New York and New Jersey in 2010, in the “Ghost Stories” operation, Weisberg said he was approached to do a show, and the idea for consults Keith Melton, one of the foremost espionage historians and tradecraft experts in the world. So they did use sex.”They also used kidnappings and the rare assassination by poison—which are depicted on than it ever did in real life.

This couple would be able to get very close and personal with them.

The document made several shocking allegations about his close ties to the Russian government, along with one very disturbing claim that he hired prostitutes to participate in a sex act on a hotel bed. Regardless of what the people on Twitter think, Trump went on to explain that he couldn't possibly be caught in a situation like this, because he's smarter than technology.

Among the accusations released in the dossier, Trump was said to have hired prostitutes for a "golden shower" party — which essentially is just a shower of urine — on a bed in a Moscow Ritz-Carlton Hotel. You see, Trump believes there are hidden camera is every hotel room, and basically any other place you'd never imagine.