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The prohibition of either sex looking at the other is a form of blocking the means of something that may lead to great harm.

As such, looking at the opposite sex is then permitted if there is need, necessity or greater benefit in doing so, such as when a suitor looks at a prospective bribe, when a doctor looks at a female patient, when a student looks at a female teacher, when one is giving witness, when one is acting as a judge and so forth.

It is obligatory that the educational policies of Muslims societies be structured on this premise as well.

If it would be difficult to separate between the sexes due to lack of space or ability, as an exemption, it would be acceptable to seat the females behind the males while ending to the Islamic principles of mixing between the sexes.

Religious and worldly education are both general needs for men and women.

Thus, what is necessary for teaching or learning is then permitted.

The criminal investigation police referred the employer to the prosecution over failing to help the victim, the newspaper reported.

The reasons for the maid's attempted suicide were not revealed.

It is obligatory to separate between the sexes in Islamic schools starting from the age of ten, if the school has enough halls and teaches to accommodate that, in order to preserve virtues and to block off the means to temptations.They must adhere to the Shareeah principles related to mixing between men and women and Islamic dress.They must avoid flirtatious speech, being alone with the opposite sex and similar such things.That is normally permissible if there is reasonable distance between them and the internet more than satisfies that.However, that is conditioned upon the participants adhering to Islamic manners and the proper interaction between the sexes.