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What is the real truth about the credibility of Chatbots?

Consumer education of how a Chatbot works may be more advantageous than as to why it works when it comes to the end user.

In its simple form was the automated message a customer would get when calling a company and being told to press this number or that one for the department you wanted.

Or, to speak your request and the machine would direct your query.

These are just two of the main but highly important aspects that the type of Chatbot that is based on SILVIA can possess.

This AI happens to address two of the main concerns of the use.

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Silvia works differently than its counterparts which use the Artificial Intelligence Mark-up language. This type of Chatbot is loaded with all the possible answers that it may have to answer.Kevin Cole is a writer at Silvia Blog, joined in September 2015, based out of United States.He writes about a wide range of topics including Digital Media, Virtual Reality, Chatbots, Artificial Intelligence and the spaces where these intersect.Consumers must have their confidence built in order to embrace this Artificial technology that they are going to interact with.Why it works is more important to the business entity that is going to be using it.