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What follows is the English translation of my piece originally written in French for a French publication.

Their recent war of secession, awkwardly called the “Patriotic War” and “War of Defense,” lends itself to serious legal misconceptions.

Today, however, similar to other member states, Croats are becoming disillusioned.The Great Replacement from the Croatian perspective The scourge of non-European migration flows only further complicates the construction of Croatian identity.Undoubtedly, migratory flows pouring into Europe have had by now a huge psychological impact on all Europeans professing identitarian ideas or those claiming adherence to various European nationalisms.Moreover, whether one likes it or not, NATO is the armed wing of American hegemony to which all European countries are expected to submit, including the new Croatia.It must be emphasized that pro-American and pro-NATO sentiments among Croats, along with similar sentiments among other predominantly Catholic nations, such as the Baltic countries, Poland, and Slovakia, are traditionally more pronounced than among Christian Orthodox peoples in Europe.