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Using the internet for worldwide dating is a great solution.

You'll meet singles with different cultural backgrounds, giving you a chance to experience life and romance in a whole new way.

It also guarantees a very secure and trustworthy environment for making friends online.

Rating – 4/5Match Accuracy – 9.2/10With an armada of security tools, Elite provides a very safe environment for making friends online.

The entire process also consists of a questionnaire that contains about 40 interesting questions, answers to which determine the quality and quantity of matches.

A bit of a suggestion, answer the questions seriously if you really want to make quality friends online.

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People can discuss about jobs, hobbies, love, and life in general. Rating – 4/5Match Accuracy – 9.2/10Senior makes an entry at the no. Probably the best website for people over the age of 50 to find quality friends online.Some may not consider the verbal exchange much of a task but for some it is no less than an aptitude test that they have not studies for.There are many websites like this which provide you the opportunity for Rating –5/5 Match accuracy – 9.8/10e Harmony is among the top friend making sites and has a very good and user-friendly user interface.For many people, the perfect partner is a missing piece that ties life together.With so much to do, though, finding the right man or woman can be a bit of a challenge.